FW 15/16 Photoshooting Day 1

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We are spending the whole week in the studio to photo shoot our next winter collection.

DAY 1: EXPEDITION LINE FW15/16 with Picture Family guest Pat Burgener

All pictures: Riot House Production

UC4A1639 UC4A1653 UC4A1656 UC4A1666 UC4A1678 UC4A1683 UC4A1686 UC4A1690 UC4A1705 UC4A1714 UC4A1727 UC4A1744 UC4A1768 UC4A1773 UC4A1811 UC4A1816 UC4A1838 UC4A1844 UC4A1846 UC4A1853 UC4A1871 UC4A1908 UC4A1912 UC4A1919 UC4A1952 UC4A1968 UC4A2050 UC4A2075 UC4A2093 UC4A2100 UC4A2104 UC4A2185 UC4A2222UC4A2261 UC4A2265 UC4A2287