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A no-fly zone expedition in Alaska : Full Movie

Last winter, two members of the Picture Family, Thomas Delfino & Léo Taillefer, went to explore a crazy face in Alaska, Storm Troopers, with the Almo Film team.

Haines is a small town in Alaska famed for its heliskiing history. A winter wonderland, with giant mountains, offering a mythical playground. During the spring, riders gather in this deep, steep, spine-covered snow heaven to shred the most famous and desired lines in the world.

However, over the last few years, this majestic area lost its accessibility. The “Four Winds Mountains” were established as a no-fly zone and forbidden drop zone. Therefore, no helicopter access to one of the best runs in the area was possible: Storm Troopers is located on the north-east face. In a few simple words: a mythical face named after the 50% plus gradient towering snow-capped peaks forming its landscape.

Following the path of the greatest freeriders and the extreme desire to bring this summit back to life. Léo & Thomas set out on a journey to the top by walk, a first time in its history! On this Arctic lands where climate change is real, the challenge takes on its full meaning: behave with humility to protect and enjoy the magic of these lands.

Discover this crazy expedition!