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In Gora : The movie

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Picture is proud to announce the brand’s first full length movie!

Skiers and snowboarders from the Picture Family join Val and Tim (and their daughter Fenna), who define themselves as “a modern nomad couple”, for a road trip through Europe. Aboard their retrofitted American school bus that they have entirely renovated into a big eco-friendly campervan, Val and Tim travel the world and chase powder along the way.

Despite its heavyweight image, the nomad bus was designed to respect the environment, or at least limit its environmental impact. Every month, Val and Tim calculate the CO2 emitted by the bus, and according to its emissions, transfer an equivalent amount of money to CarbonFund.

Solar panels were installed on the roof of the bus to produce electricity, the insulation of the walls is made of sheep wool, dry toilets replace normal toilets, and a stove is used to heat all the cabin. ”

We follow Léo Taillefer, Thomas Delfino, Janne Lipsanen, Mat Schaer, Thomas Feurstein, Jules Bonnaire, Emile Bergeron and Coline Ballet-Baz in a 45 minutes long open-minded documentary, showing how nature is important for our lifestyle as snowboarders and skiers, how important we need to respect it instead of destroying it.

It is important to consider environmental issues if we want to leave a snow-capped legacy to our children.

This one-month journey brings our riders into the anything but ordinary daily life of these two atypical nature lovers. In Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro, they encounter the locals and ride the best mountains they find on their way.

If you did not get a chance to attend one of the screenings, do not worry! After projections in cinemas of fifteen different countries, and rewarded several times, it is on your (small) screens that In Gora is dropping!

Adventures of the nomadic bus and its occupants will be available:

– in free streaming (only for 24 hours), on March 11th: here
– for buying or renting, on March 13th on Vimeo, Amazon et iTunes.

Some riding pics…

… and some back stage ones…

… without forgetting our movie maker (right), and our author (left)!

A big thanks to the entire production team (with a special mention for Louis Garnier, who blew us with all his beautiful photos), who followed us in this epic journey, as well as Let’s Be Nomads, for this beautiful welcome in their rolling palace!

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