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This summer a new collection is out : the Dad & Son collection.

Result of a father/son collaboration, Jeremy (co-founder of the brand) and his father, this new T-shirts collection gathered their ideas, their passion for drawing and their inspirations to interpret the world around them.



According to Jeremy, his father, a retired architect, do not accept the loss of hand work and its remplacement by computer softwares. This new line is made with that spirit. “Old fashion” design technics with a pencil and a piece of paper as only tools.

In the Dad & Son line you can find : the Heart, the Spun, the Mr Mouche, the Effect and the Bambi.


Little shooting anecdote: In March, during the video shooting of this collection with the Riot House Production at the “Guery” lake, a camera fell into the water. 2 people from the shooting crew dived in to save it. That was a big shooting day : from 5 am to 8 pm. Both of them spent much of the day next to the fire to dry off and warm up … while filming. Big Respect !