10 YEARS!!!

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Do you remember?

The first time you wrote your age with 2 digits? What a sensation!!! The big leagues, yewww!
10 years, some will say “already ?!” others “finally!” in any case here we are. Who would have thought that our 3 lads would reach their goal: to become an ecological reference of the outdoor as well as an ideal and sustainable glide partner!

Julien, Jeremy and Vincent launched in 2008 this crazy idea to revolutionize the winter sports textile industry, bringing an eco-responsible dimension. Despite the context of economic crisis, the idea grew, seduced you and even ended up being a model.

Certainly, the 3 dreamers have not been idle during all these years to grow and flourish the “green tree” brand. But we have to give credit where credit is due; even with all the efforts of the world, we would never have reached our goal if you had not supported us.

I do not think it is vanity to say that we can not be prouder than at this very moment. Proud of the way accomplished and proud of the people who accompanied us on this winding road: you.

So for that we can not thank you enough! Thank you for being faithful all this time, thank you for having followed our extravagant ideas, thank you to criticize us to make us evolve, thank you to believe in us, thank you to believe that together we can make things change.

We are not perfect, maybe we will never be. But we will not stop progress, on the contrary! We are 10 times more motivated to look for new alternatives, to innovate, to be proactive.

And to do this, here are our new courses of action, which will govern all our future actions:

– always more transparency
– ending our dependence on fossil fuels

But you will learn more during the year 2019 ?

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on December 8th in Clermont-Ferrand, to celebrate together our first dozen!