Picture Organic Clothing presents its new Spread helmet

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The Spread Helmet’s story begins with car’s manufacture. Indeed, we retrieve the EPS leftover, which composes the car’s dashboard, to reuse it for the Picture’ helmets construction. Linings are fully made of plastic recycled bottles, making that product one of the most eco-friendly helmet of the market.


Obviously, safety is the first developers’ preoccupation who has been inspired by the shock wave of water when it is collided by something heavy. Thanks to a collaboration with Kali Protectives, we developed a specific EPS’s construction with a double density which allows, when there is an impact, to the shock wave to be quickly disseminated but also which allows to that same shock wave to be not focus on a specific point but more on a large area. The Composite Fusion Plus is born from that natural observation which permits to develop a revolutionary construction.

Sustainability on your head with the highest level of protection !