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The Picture team reminisces about the brand’s first 10 years!

Long gone are the days of raised eyebrows and stifled laughter when Picture first announced its ambitious goal: to become a standard-setting outdoor sports brand as well as the ideal – and sustainable – powder day and surf riding partner.

The 3 best friends, dreamers at heart, have always had their minds set on providing style to an ethical approach.

Since the brand just celebrated its 10th anniversary in December, the time has come to reminisce, to listen to the unique experiences, past admonitions, and funny stories told by those who continue to be amazed by each step forward little old Picture takes.

Nevertheless, the brand did not become so surefooted through sheer will alone; it took an entire village to help all along the way! Without them, Picture’s smooth style and eco-friendly principles would have simply remained scribbled musings on a long-lost napkin.

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