Picture Innovation Camp / Les Arcs, France, December 3 & 4.

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Direct link to the recruitment form

With each new collection, our mission is to offer you the most ecological, sustainable, innovative and cool products so you can enjoy your passions.

Since 1 year, we tell ourselves that we should also include you into our products development process. We believe that you have a lot of good ideas, that you’re going to enlighten us on many aspects, and that’s why we want you to be with us since the very beginning of the innovation process.


In December 2014 took place the first edition of the Picture Innovation Camp. According to us, it has been very successful, we loved sharing a great time with our dream team of users and customers. As it was such a good event, we are doing it again!


Have you already dreamt being at the starting point of an innovation ? Working with a brand on new products’ development ? THIS IS WHAT WE OFFER !

We are going to hire around 15-20 of you and we will welcome you in the French Resort of Les Arcs. During 2 days, you will be with us, with free room and board, and we’ll put you in the best conditions to brainstorm, think, and innovate about topics we have had in mind for a long time…

All of us at Picture will be here to work with you : Julien, Jeremy and Vincent who have co-founded the brand, designers, environmental managers, sales guys, production managers, etc.

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Day 1:

-13h: Welcome of guests – Hotel Arcadien Les Arcs 1600.
-13h30-16h00: First thoughts.
-16h30: Rooms’ check in
-17h: Activity (ps: last year we made them walk one hour in the night to reach the altitude restaurant cause we were lost… just to let you know)

-20h: Restaurant and party

Day 2:

-8h: Breakfast
-8h30-12h: Work
-12h: Lunch
-14h-17h: End of work

-18h: End of the event, thank you speech and free stuff to all participants.

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Now that you know everything about the “PIC”, you’re wondering how to take part ?

It is some very serious business. We cooked a recruitment form that you can fill in HERE. You have until friday, November 05 to participate. You’ll be contacted by email if you’re selected.

Answer the form properly, your goal is to convince us that you are the right person. It is the only way to get in, so do the job!
Good luck everyone, and for some of you, see ya in Les Arcs! Ride For Future.