A school on the roof of the world

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Everything has started in 2014 with the project “A school on the roof of the world” in the village of Kerung, Nepal, by the French NGO Rêves Népalais. The goal was the construction of a school for children in need who sometimes walk more than 10 kilometers to go to school.

Meanwhile, in 2014, several Picture backpacks couldn’t be sold due to a minor defect : the inner seam in the lining was not strong enough. The issue was negligible, and the backpacks still usable, but we preferred not to take the risk.

This is how our work with Gérard Gless, President of Rêves Népalais and also Julien’s father-in-law has started. We gave every child a Picture backpack for the inauguration of the school in november 2015. Backpacks were a bit big for some of them, but children grow fast 😉


This year, no school supplies, only the winter arriving in Kerung! The village altitude is 2,425 meters (7,956 feet) and children definitely need warm stuff, not only to go to school but also to hang out outside & play. After another visit over there, Gérard came back to us : guys, could you help them out again?
We quickly checked together the way we could help out, and we saw those kids jackets & hoodies from our last 15/16 winter collection still in stock.

It’s part of every brand life to have old stock, the most important is to know what to do with it. Most of the time it ends up on destocking websites or private sales at a very attractive price…

But there are other solutions.
As a brand committed to reducing our impact on the environment, it appeared to us like something very normal to give those children what they need rather than selling those products at a low price and make a little more money. Once again, sizes are kind of random but it’s no big deal 🙂


Gérard Gless about this day: ” We will always remember the reaction of these children. Looks, beyond words, are unforgettable. ”

If you’re fluent in French, you can learn more about the project by watching this video: