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Products made at minimum of 50% organic cotton

Cotton is the most used textile fiber in the world, but also the most polluting. Its farming uses many toxic pesticides for people and for nature, and also depletes the world’s water resources. But alternative solutions do exist.

Picture Organic Clothing considers sustainable development as a powerful driver for progress and innovation. Always searching for alternatives to polluting materials, we offer products made of at least 50% organic cotton with an equal and even superior quality compared to conventional cotton. This organic cotton is cultivated without pesticides and fertilizers, hand-harvested and its treatment is guaranteed chemical toxic products-free. Plus, it supports biodiversity, restores the soil and saves a lot of water.

Since the beginning of Picture in 2009, all our products made of organic cotton come from the Seyfeli Factory in Turkey.

At first sight, it is hard to distinguish conventional and organically cultivated cottons. Therefore, we show our differences thanks to different standards like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is the most demanding in terms of organic certification.

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This approach also inspires also our designers in their environmental inspired creations.

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