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Go outside and play – that’s why our website crashed today.

Black Friday is a day centered on togetherness through being a good* consumer. We encourage togetherness in another way, being outside! That’s our first point.
*good meaning for a business’s profit

Our second point is we feel a pressure, a requirement, to have a Black Friday campaign counteracting the ideals of Black Friday. Kind of weird to do, it’s ironic. We promote our sustainability especially on this day for what reason? To show that we are trying to be a sustainable brand? That we are different than the traditional companies out there? So people know we are anti-Black Friday? To inform people about the hyper-consumerist model that is Black Friday and how it doesn’t lead to happiness? It’s a mouthful.

It’s fulfilling Brandolini’s law – “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than is needed to produce it”. We spend hours thinking of the best Black Friday campaign to counteract the bullshit of Black Friday.

We need to outside ourselves, so see ya!

The Picture Team.