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In December 2018, we launched the very first edition of Picture For Good, our call for responsible projects.

Through this program, we want to redistribute the resources generated from our business to support an environmentally or socially responsible cause.

After our selection committee reviewed the more than 120 project applications we received, we are happy to announce the 3 finalists!

1/ Beyond Boarding (Canada)

Beyond Boarding is an innovative and creative collective based in British Columbia, Canada. They are dedicated to outdoor culture, environmental education & social justice. One of their projects is the Fight For The Sacred Headwaters.

The United Nations declared the NW part of British Columbia, also known as the Sacred Headwaters, as one of the Climate Sanctuaries of the world.

Situated at the entrance, is the small town of Iskut. For the past 15 years elders, youth and leadership in the community have fought to win big conservation victories such as a moratorium on oil, gas and coal in the area.

Without this community, the Sacred Headwaters would be an open pit coal mine dotted with natural gas wells.

Protecting the Sacred Headwaters initiative will keep fossil fuels in the ground while keeping supporting the long fight for justice for the Tahltan people.

2/ Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation Europe (SFE) is one of the main NGOs dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the ocean, coastline and its users.

Surfrider Foundation Europe with Surfrider San Sebastian office in charge, have the opportunity to lead the fight against oil drilling in the Bay of Biscay.

Overall objectives:

1. To achieve the definitive shelving five requests for oil exploration permits called “Mesana”, requested by Cairn Energy and Shell in the Cantabric Sea.
2. To support the legislative proposition in the Mediterranean to ban the oil and gas prospections driving the first step toward the total banning in the Spanish waters.

Oil prospections and drilling are a major factor in Climate Change and are a direct threat to the Atlantic coast, their users, and wildlife.

3/ Protect Our Winters (UK)

Protect Our Winters UK is the UK branch of the global Protect Our Winters movement started in the United States 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones. They’ve had huge successes in growing awareness of the threat to winters posed by Climate Change and effecting change.

POW UK will develop and roll out carbon literacy, initially in the UK outdoor community but with a vision to make their training available to all global POW chapters.

Carbon literacy is an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

The implications of failing to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement are quite possibly civilisation ending. In a possible 3°C+ world, there has never a more relevant time to educate and empower people to take action.

What’s next? We at Picture will individually meet with the finalists to learn more about them and their commitment. After that, we will make our final decision. Stay tuned over the next few weeks!

We would like to personally thank everyone involved in each of the projects we received. It has been very inspiring to read and discover your responsible initiatives from all over the world.

Keep on fighting the good fight!