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We collect your old clothes!

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Have a bunch of clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Bring them to us!

10 recycling bins are now in place in partnering Picture Stores all over France.
We will accept clothing and apparel (washed, please…) from any brands, footwear excluded.

Once the collection campaign is over, with the support of Techtera we will sort through the piles of clothing to separate all technical apparel (ex.: ski or hardshell jackets) and send it on to a recycling center.
Our goal: to create a polyester thread derived from recycled clothing that we will then use to make our products.

This technology, recycling polyester from used clothes, already exists in Japan, and was developed by our partner JEPLAN (Japan Environment PLANning). We are actively working with them to bring the technology to France (near Lyon).

When it comes to recycling clothing, the complexity resides in the fact that most products are made with several types of material (for most brands this means a polyurethane membrane with a polyester face fabric).

Did you know that the conventional way ski jackets are made still requires extracting crude oil from the ground?
However, several other solutions do exist:
– The one we have been using for 10 years: polyester derived from recycling plastic bottles.
– The one we would like to use over the long run: plant-based bio-polyester.
– The one we plan to test with our current collection campaign: recycling used clothes.

Today, there are so many different ways (and the number will only continue to increase) to stop working with the highly-polluting and fossil-fuel depleting oil industry.

Don’t wait until spring cleaning! We hope to see you soon in one of our partner stores. We need you!

And it’s happening here:

Picture Store Lyon : 69001, 3 RUE DE LA FROMAGERIE
Picture Store Pau : 64000, 14 RUE DES CORDELIERS
Picture Store Annecy : 74000, 1 TER RUE DE LA PAIX
Picture Store Les 2 Alpes : 38860, 69 AVENUE DE LA MUZELLE
Picture Store Bordeaux : 33000, 135 RUE SAINTE CATHERINE
Picture Store Toulouse : 31000, 2 RUE DU FOURBASTARD
Picture Store Val Thorens : 73440, GALERIE CARON
Picture Store Biarritz : 64200, 7 RUE DU VIEUX PORT

But also at:

Urban Surfer : 75005 Paris, 65 RUE ST JACQUES
Espace Montagne Grenoble : 38400 St Martin d’Here, 5 RUE CHARLES DARWIN