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Since Picture’s start in 2008, we have always seen plastic bottles as an opportunity to add value to waste. Thus our decision from the outset to make jackets with recycled plastic.

Other fantastic initiatives have also come to light, and not always involving apparel.

Dave Hakkens’ Precious Plastic project is the perfect example, and today we are proud to work with him and his team.

This Dutch environmental engineer designs and builds low-tech machines for recycling plastic. All of the blueprints for these machines are open source and published on the internet, making this know-how and equipment available to anyone interested.

He hopes to create a worldwide movement of makers and eco-designers who take action locally in the fight against plastic pollution.

First intended to make small recycled objects (that we now make with our own machine!), the project has gained enough traction that the recycling capacity and number of designs have grown, especially for making furniture.

At present, several Picture Stores now feature recycled furnishings and decorations made with Precious Plastic machines, and those designed by Johé Bruneau, who represents the collective in France. Polypropylene waste from manufacturing was recycled to create different types of decorative panels. The “speckle” effect creates a nice contrast with the wood and metal in our stores.

In addition, Precious Plastic provides us with a great way to recycle plastic waste generated within the company, such as plastic wrapping used for pallets and polybags to protect products for shipping. Made with LDPE plastic, we are able to recycle them into the banners for our trade show booths.

If you are a tinkerer or enjoy DIY projects and would like to make an impact in your local community, download the machine blueprints from the Precious Plastic website.