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World’s first biodegradable product

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No waste for future generations

Picture is proud to introduce the biodegradable layer, the world’s first biodegradable products made of polyamide 6.6 yarn Amni Soul Eco®; the Earthen and Sience.

After five years of research looking to enhance the polyamide formula, the Earthen and Sience layers, were released. It can break down slowly in landfills, where there is a lack of oxygen. While other fibers need decades to break down, it takes less than three years for Amni Soul Eco® to disappear from the planet.
Its biodegradable property makes it a sustainable option to reduce pollution caused by waste, contributing to a better world for future generations.

In addition to a high environmental value, these layers offer all of the benefits expected from a polyamide product: soft touch, comfort, breathability, moisture management, easy-care & fast drying!