Atlantic Vice

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Picture Organic Clothing presents « Atlantic Vice » !

No matter the generation, Pamela and David Charvet were the heart of all obsessions!

It seems like the famous red swimsuit hasn’t lost its attractive freshness and keeps on inspiring fantasies, just like the Miami Vice cops, always one step ahead of fashion! The nineties were a time differently “cool”, an amazing lifestyle lab with luxurious boats and cars, but also carefully studied fashion styles.

They are back again! For our 2017 summer collection, with a bit of nostalgia (especially for the very sexy red swimsuit worn by Pamela), we draw our inspiration from the American coasts, creating a colorful collection in which flamingos, pineapples and palms trees remind us our last salty holidays!

For this special occasion, the three legendary lifeguards, Julien, Jérémy & Vincent, are the heroes of the last 2017’s blockbuster “Atlantic Vice”, a remake of the Saturday night TV trilogy, with a unique mission : prevent a criminal conspiracy which threat the Basque country future : pollution.

Enjoy !