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Making of : Shooting in Morocco

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It’s hard to believe, but Picture’s 10-year anniversary is already here!

To highlight the authenticity that has been part of the brand from the start, we decided to set sail to explore a country where nothing ever changes, even with the winds of time…

The amazingly varied landscapes tell hundreds of stories – so many sources of inspiration.

Our first stop is in Essaouira. This coastal city adorned in white and blue, nestled in the hollow of the hills, surrounded by forests of argan trees and dunes, possesses a bohemian flair and captivating vibe that exudes escape. Its incredible historic, cultural, and artistic heritage can be observed just walking around town.

We then drive 100 km away from Essaouira to Imsouane. This small fishing village is spectacular, with its blue boats stranded on the sand, huddled together near the inhabitants’ humble dwellings, just waiting for dawn and the right wave to head out for another day of fishing. Imsouane Bay is a world renowned surf spot. Damien Castera meets us here to show us a perfect right-hand wave along the sheer cliffs.

We decide to leave the ocean behind and head inland to a drier climate to see another spectacular natural wonder: Dades Gorge. This 200 km long river spends more than its half its time winding through the mountains, and is so excitingly beautiful. The roads to get here are known as some of the most dangerous in the world, yet we discover a stretch of winding pavement that we just can’t help but longboard!

A change of scenery! Known as the “gateway to the desert” and “Berber HollywoodOuarzazate lies at 1150 meters elevation in the middle of a barren plateau. The city enjoys views of an extraordinary natural landscape, hides an oasis and kasbahs, and offers rare natural hues of the highest quality, including shades of orange and pink specific to the dry desert environment.

Finally, no exploration of Morocco would be complete without a visit to the fabulous Erg Chebbi desert. The Sahara Desert of your dreams is now a reality. The entire area is so incredibly surreal: giant waves of orange sand tower over an otherwise bland landscape – it almost looks like a plot of land where someone decided on purpose to grow huge sand dunes. Erg Chebbi desert reminds us of the ocean, with its sand dunes like waves that we simply had to ride…

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