ALL THE WAY UP – Episode n°02

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All the way up – Antoine Adelisse : Episode n°02

Here is the second opus of “All the way up”, the web serie focusing on Antoine Adelisse‘s life, produced in partnership with Bug Visionaries, realised by David Malacrida.

Behind the scene of the young rider life, he shows us what his everyday life is made of: trainings supervised by Greg Guenet, worldwide competitions, even some difficult periods he goes through …

During this episode, it is during his preparation for the Aspen X-Games, and also all along the event that we followed Antoine.

“Injury is what pros fear the most so you work to prevent it from happening. Two years ago I torn my ACL, 6 month on the slideline, it’s part of the sport. Once you accept it then you are able to come back stronger.”

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