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Picture wishes you a happy new year and best wishes for the 2018 year!

Better late than never!

To conclude the 2017 year on a high note and start well the 2018 year, we invite you to live again with us all wonderful moments that made 2017 such a rich year.

Always pushing the limits of adventure, Julien, Jeremy and Vincent went on a adventure, tracking exceptional atmospheres, to create the Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Here is Inspiration, a short video that crosses destinations we visited and made us dream:

As you must have noticed, we give a special emphasis to places that we are inspired by. We try to pay a tribute to nature and what it can bring us, integrating it as much as possible in our creations, in our products, in our philosophy.

For the Expedition collection and our Cold Water Program, we landed in Iceland where an amazing range of colours, thanks to icebergs, aurora borealis, cascades (and the arctic cold), can be found.

For the Adventure collection, the second step of the trip was more local, taking place in the “Glacières de Sylan“: a very old natural complex in which people can explore natural ice. The mix between old constructions and nature makes a surprising show!

To end this trip, we went in Spain for the Friends collection, in the middle of the Bardenas desert, in which the soil erosion has created capricious shapes that transports you to a lunar atmosphere.

For this occasion, the three pals wanted to share their trip with all of us. That is why they created in collaboration with the Riot House Production a limited edition (1500 copies) photography book called : Memories of Iceland.

This book presents in detail each place where our inspiration takes its source. Throughout the pages, you will learn where the ideas that we use to create our lines Expedition, Friends and Adventure come from:

Memories of Iceland :